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Release & Realign into your full potential with EFT Tapping

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How I Can Help

Hello, I am  Natasha, aka “Tapping with Tasha”

I ground and help Secretly Struggling, super busy avoiders, find Peace through the releasing of trapped emotions stored in their body’s with EFT Tapping🕊️


I am known for creating, discreet & safe spaces for strong capable Women & Men. You think you need to be told what to do, in my experience, you need space to breathe, practice, be and do you for you!

Think of me as an "Emotional Masseuse" I release and realign your trauma based beliefs and emotions with you. 



Tapping aka  Emotional Freedom Techniques is a non-invasive form of acupuncture therapy that connects the Mind & Body. It is one of the quickest ways to connect with and  breakthrough any issue holding you back in life.


I practice, the "Mcdonald Manifestation Method" which infuses classic Emotional Freedom Techniques, with positive energy and affirmations to super charge your intentions, goals and dreams. Leaving you feeling clam energised and able to move forward with clarity & passion - to achieve the success you seek.

Tapping achieves clarity, confidence and congruence with your life purpose.

ways to work with Me

90 minute 1:1 breakthrough sessions  & accountability sessions 

1 to 1 Tapping

Coming soon.

Group Tapping Workshops

Discreet breakthrough session as part of coaching services

Corporate / Employee Wellbeing

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