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My mission


Passionate About Inspiring Others

Clients have often experienced years of discomfort and pain before seeking my help. Spending  hundreds if not thousands on the wrong type of support. 

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Often feeling like they were going crazy, repeating toxic behaviours, yet expecting different outcomes.


Experience has shown, that that when emotional issues are addressed with logic alone. Without the healing experience of acknowledgement  acceptance and feeling, the body does not feel safe to move forward. Blocking our attempts to find success in our relationships, health, careers, and finances.

My Experience

I am a Certified Life & EFT Tapping Coach, who although qualified and able to help others, found herself 3 years ago standing in your shoes. 


Responding, "I was fine", "just tired' stuck in a rut.  I had spent thousands on marketing & business coaching trying to make my business become more than just a dream. Trying to fix a problem, I didn't know how to describe, as I didn't know what was holding me back, so couldn't and didn't know what help to ask for.


NO one was ACTUALLY talking to my experience, no one was calling it what it was, unresolved emotional trauma, masked by highly effective avoidance & coping strategies.


EFT Tapping was the tool I needed to bring my mindset, emotions & body into alignment - releasing the blocks that had kept me sabotaging my own success. 


Today,  Its my honour to support women to dissolve the emotional barriers that keep them from thriving quickly, so they feel free to reclaim the lives they once felt were lost. 


  • I'am a Certified Life Coach.

  • I'am a Certified "McDonald Manifestation Method" EFT Tapping practitioner.

  • I'am a Certified NLP Practitioner.

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