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“The things we avoid, are the things we most need to heal”.

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

One thing 2020 brought us was heightened awareness, what is, what wasn’t, what shouldn’t and should have.

We were acutely made aware of our lived dreamed states - without the busyness of life to distract from our lack of connectedness, our lack of sovereignty and over reliance’s on stimulants -where bought starkly to bear, for many that truth was ugly, uncomfortable and if it could have been, would have been avoided at all costs.

Died & dying relationships, fractured and strained parenting, the sexes domestic divide, the haves and have nots, gapping cavernous divide.

Personally, it was a chance to exercise my voice, to release the self imposed polite muffler - to look my silent triggers directly in the eye. It was a time to reclaim clarity for once lost dreams. It was a time to acknowledge the outrage, to choose a side, of acceptance - that if is good for me, it’s has be good for you too or not at all.

It’s been the awakening of humanity -seemingly just in time to save the earth and our freedoms.

It’s been the awaking to value and fight for our choices, to openly stand and be counted.

2021 for many is a Rebirth of individual rights with in the collective, it’s the joining of forces to breakdown the mute herd mentality and a time for free thinking, feeling and creativity.

The things we need the most to unite humanity, your problem is our problem.

“The things we avoid, are the things we most need to heal”

EFT Tapping is a safe, fast and painless acupressure & talk therapy, renowned for its quick and long lasting results on releasing, unblocking long lasting emotional triggers & stressors. Such as Anxiety, Stress, Depression, PTSD, Grief, Anger, Food cravings & Phobias.

Book your taster session here. To experience how to feel the emotions you maybe struggling, with but not to be consumed by them with Tapping with Tasha - Certified Life & “MMM” Tapping Coach. “Tap your way in, to find your way out”


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